You are an Athlete

You don't have to wear a uniform or be part of a sports team to be an athlete. Whether you are an elite athlete or weekend warrior, youth or seasoned competitor, recreational fitness buff or just beginning to exercise, IMUA has the expertise and comprehensive services to move YOU forward in your active life.

We can help you recover from injury, teach you how to safely push your training and fitness levels, and optimize performance at any age and any level of activity.

Youth Athlete

The body of a young athlete is still maturing and therefore susceptible to injury when participating in multiple sports at high levels of competition. The growing emphasis on sports specialization at younger ageswith less cross-training and longer seasons increases this risk with repetitive stress on the growing musculoskeletal system.

Many times medical doctors will routinely prescribe muscle relaxants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications for musculoskeletal injuries in adults. This treatment strategy is not appropriate in kids as these medications are contraindicated in children. At IMUA, beyond general orthopedic care, our addition of OMT as a management option provides a safe and effective treatment for people of all ages including our children.

High School Athlete

As the levels of competition and training demands increase for our high school athletes, they can be prone to acute musculoskeletal injuries. Sports specialization and high intensity training schedules often put high demands leading to overuse injuries.

Early identification and treatment of structural or mechanical patterns creating susceptibility to overuse injuries can both prevent more significant injuries and improve overall performance.

Recreational Athlete

Hawai'i offers an abundant landscape for the recreational athlete. Whether you enjoy a weekend hike, a dawn patrol surf, pick-up basketball game, or rec soccer league, an active lifestyle can bring with it unexpected aches and pains. To keep you enjoying your active life, we at IMUA can identify and treat both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems in people of all ages.

Female Athlete

Females training at high levels are prone to unique issues related to anatomical and structural considerations and their connections to exercise and sports participation. Women are prone to specific musculoskeletal injuries (such as ACL tears) at higher frequencies than their male counterparts. Knowledge of specific and validated dynamic warm-up and rehab programs is paramount to prevention of these types of injuries.

Maintaining a positive nutritional profile is key to supporting hormone balance and bone health in the female athlete. At IMUA, we want to help active women foster health across all systems in their body while maximizing their performance and reaching their athletic goals.

Industrial Athlete

Work in the trades of construction, plumbing, electrical, painting, and excavation can be more demanding than playing a contact sport like football. Specific assessment and treatment can eliminate joint pain and musculoskeletal dysfunction allowing return to work at peak levels of performance and safety.

Vintage Athlete

Active people at later stages of life, face specific issues including osteoarthritis and degenerative changes in the spine and extremity joints. Maintaining an active lifestyle is paramount to healthy aging. Treatment programs specifically aimed at maintenance of flexibility, strength, and mobility help our mature athlete function at high levels as they age.

Elite Athlete

Athletes competing at the highest levels require immediate evaluation and specifically aimed treatment programs to allow themto return to their sport as soon as safely possible. At IMUA, we are dedicated to providing streamlined care to facilitate prompt evaluation, expedite any necessary imaging, and formulation of a treatment plan.

At elite levels of sport, athletes devote significant time to training and technical performance. One aspect that is often overlooked is nutrition in achieving optimal performance. At IMUA, we can help you gain a competitive edge by teaching and formulating a personalized nutritional plan that focus on giving your body the best forms of energy to maximize performance, increase endurance, and aid in more rapid recovery. Learn how to use your food to gain an edge on your competition and reach your goal of peak performance.

IMUA cares for every kind of 'Athlete'

- High School Athlete

- Recreational Athlete

- Female Athlete

- Industrial Athlete

- Master Athlete

- Elite Athlete