Are you addicted to calorie counting? Try this instead.

April 14, 2015by Beth Danowsky RD CLCwith 0 comments

As a dietitian, but probably more as a women, I am exposed to a lot of chatter about calories. All the time, I hear things like this: “I can eat this because it’s only 300 calories!” or… “I am ordering … Continue reading

Mexican Chicken Pozole

April 09, 2015by Beth Danowsky RD CLCwith 0 comments

Pozole is a traditional pre-Columbian soup or stew from Mexico. Since one of the ingredients in the soup is maize, or corn, it was most often consumed on special occasions. Aztecs and others who lived in Mesoamerica, consider maize sacred … Continue reading

Are you eating “perfect” and not seeing results? Let me tell you why.

April 07, 2015by Beth Danowsky RD CLCwith 0 comments

When I meet with an individual about their diet, I can usually look at their food recall, their chief complaint (e.g. fatigue, weight gain, sour stomach) and some lab work and immediately make a few great recommendations┬áthat I know will … Continue reading

Beth’s Paleo-Mediterranean Guidelines for Eating

April 02, 2015by Beth Danowsky RD CLCwith 0 comments

Inside and outside of my practice often get asked, “what’s the best diet out there?” While I do not believe there is a such thing as a perfect diet for everyone, I do think there are some basic guidelines that … Continue reading

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