Functional and Nutritional Medicine

Food is medicine. What you eat directly affects how your body functions and heals. Whether you want to learn how to enhance performance, make lifestyle changes to help treat chronic disease, or improve your general health, we can show you how to optimize the most powerful tool of all: your food.

Why Functional Nutrition?

Take control of your health! Feel amazing! Enjoy realizing your full potential! Embark on a journey with our Registered Dietitian, who will give you practical insight and simple solutions into the often confusing and overwhelming world of how to eat and live healthily. Be empowered to take the changes today that will move you towards your healthiest YOU.

  • Personalized nutritional guidelines
  • Healthy shopping tips that fit your budget
  • Cooking ideas that promote a variety of tasty, healthy meals and snacks
  • Individualized exercise plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations in line with your goals and timeline
  • Self-care and stress reduction suggestions
  • Guided self-reflection
  • And more!

Exercise and Lifestyle Prescription

Physical activity is part of a vibrant life. Here at IMUA, we can help people of all fitness levels realize their health goals. We can safely introduce you to the benefits of an active lifestyle or teach you how to maximize training regimens for peak performance.


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