What is Sports Medicine?

Sports medicine physicians specialize in the treatment and prevention of injury and illness in active people. From the recreational to the competitive athlete, we are excellent resources to treat and return you back to full function as quickly as possible.

Sports & Team Affiliation

We serve as team physicians for local teams and club sports here in Hawai'i. We coordinate and collaborate care with the other members of the sports medicine “team” including physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal physicians and other sub-specialists.

YOU are an Athlete

You don’t have to wear a jersey or be part of a team to be an athlete. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or recreational fitness buff, IMUA has the expertise and breadth of services to move YOU forward in your active life.

We can help you recover from injury, learn how to safely push your training and fitness levels, and optimize performance at any age and any level of activity.

  • Youth Athlete
  • High School Athlete
  • Recreational Athlete
  • Female Athlete
  • Master Athlete
  • Industrial Athlete
  • Elite Athlete