At IMUA, we believe that not everything is fixed with surgery. We take pride in offering you a comprehensive and personalized treatment approach based on your goals.


What you eat directly affects how your body functions and heals. Whether you want to learn how to enhance performance, make lifestyle changes to help treat chronic disease, or improve your general health, we can show you how to optimize the most powerful tool of all: your food.

Physical activity is part of a vibrant life. Here at IMUA, we can help people of all fitness levels realize their health goals. We can safely introduce you to the benefits of an active lifestyle or teach you how to maximize training regimens for peak performance.




Edrick Floreal - SU director

"SMI is an integral part of our success. They help our athletes recover from heavy work out sessions so they can continue performing at the highest level possible!

Sports Medicine Services

  • Athletic performance testing
  • CIAC wrestling weight certification process
  • First Aid and CPR certification for coaches and staff
  • Practice and game coverage
  • Pre-season screening and conditioning
  • Seasonal quality assurance
  • Seasonal injury patterning