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At IMUA our physicians and staff bring not only our expertise and experience to patient care; we also enjoy being actively involved within our community.

Common injuries

Not everything is fixed with surgery. We take pride in offering a comprehensive and personalized treatment approach based on your goals.

Moving Forward Together

It does not matter where you are starting. We meet you where you are and move forward with you.

Health Tips

Food is medicine. What you eat directly affects how your body functions and heals.

IMUA. Forward. Together.

Moving Our Community Forward

At IMUA, we are dedicated to providing patients with quality care in a supportive and collaborative environment. To achieve this goal, our physicians and staff bring not only their expertise and experience to patient care, they also enjoy being actively involved within our community.
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What our patients say

Start Your Health Journey

Let us help you take your next step on your journey to healing.

You are at the center of your healing experience at IMUA. Beyond your symptoms or injury, we work to personalize your treatment plan with your unique goals in mind.

Digging Deeper

The path to healing involves your personal story. Uncovering details that led to injury or disease helps us get to the root causes of your problems.

Collaborative Care

Our team at IMUA works diligently to coordinate your care with collaboration, continuity, and communication in mind.

Patient Centered

Caring for you is our privilege and we strive to honor your unique values in guiding all clinical decisions.

Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio, MD and Dr. Nicole Gesik, DO

Let’s Move Forward Together

At IMUA, we move beyond a disease-centered medical approach to patient-centered care.

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