It is our privilege to provide exceptional medical and surgical care to our patients.

"Dr. Ignacio is an amazing orthopedic doctor. I go to her anytime I need help or better knowledge on problems with my muscle or bone function. I trust her a 100% and love the way she regardless of whether the information is good or bad, presents my treatment options to me. She explains everything in an easy to comprehend way showing me via real images where the problem is. Once she explains, I better understand if I need surgery or what I can do to make it better. I now play professional volleyball and plan to only go to her for help in the future. Dr. Ignacio is very talented and I recommend her to anyone in need of assistance."
Kanani Danielson Testimonial
Kanani Danielson
Professional/Former UH Volleyball Player, All-American
“Dr. Gesik’s passion for care is evident in the dual knowledge and enthusiasm she can’t hide as she explains everything about your condition, the many root causes it may have, and the latest research. I always emerge with better knowledge about my health and what I can do to address issues. You don’t have to work on everything at once, though; she meets you where you are and helps you advance from there with encouragement and recommendations. And if you want to take the deepest possible dive into everything you can do to be healthy or improve a condition, there’s no one better to guide you forward than Dr. Gesik.”
Eric S
"I came to IMUA after more than three years of struggling with lower leg pain. The numerous doctors that I had been to in the past had not been able to determine the source of my pain and even recommended that I stop running. Dr. Ignacio was a breath of fresh air, as her knowledge and positivity combined to help me understand that it was still possible for me to run pain-free. She and Dr. Gesik developed a plan that looked in-depth at everything from my biomechanics to my nutrition. As a direct result of their efforts, I was able to get healthy and set a personal best, for the first time since 2009. Not only will I continue to go and see them, I have recommended the team at IMUA to my family and to athletes I coach. Their intelligence, attitude, and genuine spirit of care is inspiring."
Todd Testimonial
Todd Iacovelli
Professional Runner , All-American, Hawaii State Record Holder, 8-time Hawaii State Champion
"The first time … I could barely walk upright or breathe without a sharp piercing pain throughout my lower back. I felt a little twinge in my lower back while surfing earlier that morning and it quickly progressed within 10 short minutes to the point of major pain. I called Dr. Gesik to see if I could get treated as soon as possible. As soon as she saw me she could tell that I was in a bad way. She started at the root of the problem and not the site of the pain and got me feeling so much better that I went out and did a SUP lesson for her and her family, literally, right after my treatment. Without her I would've been laid up in bed for at least a week. Much mahalo's for taking such good care of me."
Kainoa McGee
Professional Bodyboarder and Waterman
"Over the years Dr. Gesik has helped me overcome depleting fatigue, avoid knee surgery, clear brain fog, stem the progression of osteopenia, counter the effects of scoliosis, reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, support my immune system through Covid, and much more.”
Monica J
“Dr. Elizabeth Ignacio is an extremely compassionate person. She went over and beyond on several different levels for my daughter. My daughter is a high functioning athlete that is also particular to whom she engages with. She really loves Dr. Ignacio.”
Wena G
“Highest praise and thanks to Dr. Ignacio! I give thanks every day for her surgical skill. She repaired my rotator cuff a year ago. The difference in my daily life from pre and post surgery is huge.”
Moku M
"After my shoulder injury, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to meet the physical demands my profession requires, but after being treated by Dr. Gesik, I was back in action, fully functioning, and stronger than I was before the injury. Dr. Gesik's osteopathic techniques and level of care are by far the best I have ever experienced. Mahalo Dr. Gesik!!"
Spencer Skipper Testimonial
Spencer Skipper
Professional Body Boarder, Triad Rider
"Dr. Ignacio has proven her knowledge of her speciality with me! Her staff are great and work with me around my schedule to get everything done prior to RCT surgery and follow-ups. I've since gone back, now with SIRVA, hope I can get this resolved fairly quickly too!"
Hoku Honolulu
Google Review
"Dr. Ignacio is an excellent orthopedic surgeon, she’s very personable and takes the time to listen to your concerns. I never feel like I’m rushed during my visit. Her staff are all very nice snd sweet!! I’ve had 3 surgeries with Dr. Ignacio and all of my outcomes was excellent!!"
Rox Moore
"My PRP injections by Dr. Ignacio were very successful! I did not have any problems post-injection, and in fact I am back to enjoying all of the activities I was doing before. I am very pleased with the outcome of my PRP injections!"
Lois M
Lois M
“I am nearly 70 years old, and I like to think I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Orthopedic Surgeons between California, Texas and Hawaii, and Dr. Ignacio is above and beyond any. I have been a patient of Dr. Ignacio for about 10 years or so, seeing her for my knees, shoulder and hip. Unlike some surgeons I have seen in the past, she is willing to try, and actually encourages conservative treatments before recommending surgery. Dr. Ignacio always walks into the exam room with a big smile on her face (of course I haven’t seen her face for over two years!), but I know it’s there. She always listens to what I have to share with her and goes out of her way to explain to me what is happening. Not only do I consider her to be my Doctor, but I like to think of her as my friend also. I feel so fortunate that I found her and became her patient 10 years ago. I can only say that not all heroes wear capes, Dr. Ignacio wears scrubs!"
Dennis S
Dennis S