NeurOptimal® Brain Training

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that is essentially a brain workout. The system interacts with your brain offering in micro-second intervals information to help the brain reorganize itself towards more mental flexibility and resiliency.

What is NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback?

Advances in modern day technology have created exceptional improvements. How we work, learn, connect, and interact will never be the same.

With all these advances, however, people often report feeling the pace of life and constant technological connectivity overwhelming and feel burdened by “time compression syndrome.”

Despite the comforts of this modern lifestyle, there is an alarming rise in the amount of reported depression, anxiety, agitation, apathy, concentration and attention issues, impaired sleep, fatigue, brain fog, loneliness, and overall dissatisfaction with life.

In adapting to all these accelerated developments in technology, we are observing brains that are more distracted, anxious, reactive, overall less flexible, and having a harder time finding peace.

So how can we help our brains adapt to the ever-changing reality of life? On a normal day, your brain needs tremendous flexibility to shift from different states of consciousness and awareness.

Think of it like your car shifting gears. The amount of “brain speed” required for a complex situation at work is different from the amount for relaxation and sleep.

A flexible brain that can shift more easily between gears has an easier time functioning and is more resilient. If you are constantly stuck in one gear, either going too fast or too slow, you put stress on the transmission and can eventually wear it out!

NeurOptimal® can be thought of as a brain workout. It is a system that helps to train your brain to be more flexible and resilient.

The NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system interacts with your nervous system in a way that helps to improve neural plasticity. Ideally, we want our brain to be able to adapt and respond quickly to changes in our environment leading us to flexible engagement with the world that we live in.

The more easily your brain adjusts to changes experienced in a typical day, the more at peace you feel. On the other hand, a brain that is rigid, less adaptable, and controlling will often feel drained and stressed by the challenges of their life.

Using NeurOptimal® neurofeedback can also help increase brain resilience. Resiliency is the ability to “bounce back” from a stressful or negative event. Uniquely, the human mind can hold onto negative feelings for tremendous periods of time after the actual event has passed.

This “negativity bias” of the brain to remember bad experiences longer than the positive ones, can lead to nervousness, rumination, or self-critical thinking that can make us feel “stuck.”

These negative aspects of the brain can be magnified in more severe life events such as physical or emotional trauma, death of a loved one, weather catastrophes or other significant crises.

Instead of remaining stuck in the “storm of negativity” surrounding events such as these, the resilient brain can bounce back to baseline more quickly. In addition, the more resilient brain can see the “greater story” in these events.

This contextualization imparts a sense of agency which fosters a feeling of empowerment despite the hardships leading to a greater sense of peace and joy.

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NeurOptimal® is an advanced neuro-technology that is essentially a brain workout. The system interacts with your brain offering in micro-second intervals information to help the brain reorganize itself towards more mental flexibility and resiliency.

Common Reasons to Train with NeurOptimal®

Frequently Asked Questions

NeurOptimal® monitors the electrical activity of your brain with intermittent reminders that are sent back to your brain to give it feedback about what it is doing. When your brain activity shows signs of turbulence, there is a momentary interruption in the music associated with the NeurOptimal® neurofeedback software. This subtle cue catches your brain’s attention that it is operating inefficiently. As you complete more training sessions, the brain learns how to “reset” itself quicker. Amazingly, the NeurOptimal® system adjusts itself automatically in relation to your brain’s activity which creates an individualized training session microsecond by microsecond. Think of NeurOptimal® like your personal brain coach. A good coach helps to point out and give corrections to your form as you train. As your level of skill improves, you can increase the level of difficulty and over time with practice, your level of fitness improves, and you become more efficient. This is similar to how NeurOptimal® works. As your level of brain fitness improves, you become more mentally flexible and resilient which will help you perform more effectively in both your personal and professional life.

Everyone’s central nervous system is unique and is formed by the complex interactions of personal life experiences, genetics, and biologic health that contribute to how the brain functions.

As a result, there is no standard number of sessions that is universal for all brains. Often clients report noticing something shifting within six sessions.

Early responses to NeurOptimal® commonly include shifts in sleep patterns, feeling more rested, having a more positive outlook, and interacting with loved ones or work colleagues more effectively.

Over time, clients describe feeling calmer, centered, mentally lighter as well as having more clarity and creativity.

When difficult situations arise, clients report feeling less reactive, overwhelmed, or negatively impacted with an easier time bouncing back from challenging situations faster and with more ease.

Like the benefits of regular physical movement and exercise, neurofeedback can be an important tool for ongoing brain fitness and health.

As your level of brain function improves, many clients find benefit in continuing maintenance brain training on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to maintain their brain fitness.

Sometimes when life gets particularly difficult or stressful, clients may find additional benefit in doing short bouts of more regular training to help them work through these times.

NeurOptimal® can help the brain learn how to remain calm and improve focus and clarity. A brain that is more centered and focused can lead to reduced symptoms of anxiety and rumination, improved academic or peak performance, and heightened creativity.

Common reasons to train with neurofeedback include:

  • Improving mental acuity, focus, attention, and retention
  • Personal and spiritual development
  • Part of an anti-aging program
  • Part of your fitness program – eat right, move your body, train your brain
  • Enhancing athletic or academic performance
  • Improving inter-relationship quality amongst family members, partners, and caregivers

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is completely non-invasive. There are 5 sensors placed in strategic positions on your ears and scalp with a medical gel.

The sensors read the electrical signals from your brain activity and send information back to the computer software program.

There is no electrical current going into your brain unlike some other types of systems.

The NeurOptimal® system delivers your brain information through sound over the course of your session which lasts around 35 minutes.

You can simply lay back and relax, many people even find themselves taking a nice restorative nap.

NeurOptimal® is approved in the United States by the FDA and classified as a “General Wellness” device. The complex software uniquely interacts with your brain activity and the expertise is built into the system. Your brain changes at its own pace and the system supports you on your way to greater brain fitness!