Grace M

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach


My name is Mary Grace (everyone calls me “Grace”) and I live on Oahu with my husband and three children, two girls and a boy.

Prior to being fortunate enough to join IMUA in 2022, I worked as a registered nurse in hospitals both here and in Washington state for nearly 15 years. In those roles, my prior experience includes working in trauma, labor and delivery, postpartum, pediatric surgery, oncology, neurosurgery, and orthopedics. After serving patients suffering from unfortunate and critical healthcare emergencies in these specialties, I came to realize that my role was always to serve the acute need. The goal was always to save a life, and long-term considerations of preventative care and functionality after discharge were left up to a patient and their primary care providers.

However, as a mother, preventative care and functionality became very real to me in struggling with my own difficult pregnancies. The first two were medically challenging, and preeclampsia threatened both my life and that of my middle daughter. Wanting another child, but fearful of how to reduce the risk of repeating the past, I was referred to Dr. Gesik through a close friend. With her expertise, knowledge and kind care, I was successful in preparing my body for my third pregnancy.

At IMUA, I am so blessed to be able to have moved from patient to provider and work alongside Dr. Gesik in treating patients through functional focus on nutrition and lifestyle choices, and strategic mindsets. Assisting in providing that same care that I received from IMUA, integrating your entire health profile into clear strategies for moving towards a healthier, hopeful, and holistically healed you, is why I am here.

I look forward to meeting you.


Grace MD Medical Assistant