Day 3 of the IBA Pipeline Bodyboarding Pro!

Today, 28 February 2013, saw the third day of competition of the 30th Annual Pipeline Challenge on Oahu’s North Shore. And what a spectacular day it was! Mother Nature unleashed her raw power with some of the sets reaching a solid 10-12 feet out at Pipeline today; separating the men from the boys out in the water and providing a great show for everyone on the beach.

eating health in the IMUA tent

Jeff Hubbard, Spencer Skipper and Jarrett Lau enjoying some Healthy Food in the IMUA tent

The IMUA team had a great day in the tent, with all the top bodyboarders stopping by and getting a taste of some healthy food.  The energy was wonderful, with the ocean delivering and IMUA feeling well appreciated by the whole bodyboarding community.

If you missed the action today, be sure to stop by tomorrow, the swell is supposed to be maxing!! Tomorrow should provide a great showcase of talent, with Round 6, Quarters, Semis and Finals of Mens, as well the Finals for DK and Women. In addition to these rounds of competition, there will also be a King of Pipe Expression Session, which is sure to be super exciting with all forms of wave riding coming together – Bruce Irons and Jamie O’Brien on surfboards, Kainoa McGee on an SUP, Mike Stewart and Jeff Hubbard on bodyboards and Mark Cunningham bodysurfing. So, if you don’t want to miss out be sure to come check out the action!! If you’re not fortunate enough to be in Hawaii you can go to to watch the event live.