Number 2, Why it’s so important…

There is no polite way to start this blog post, so I’ll just hit the nail on the head, pooping is important!

I know, I know. Not the best health tip to read about while eating breakfast, but the fact remains… It is important and if you aren’t using the bathroom every day, an intervention is in order.

Why everyday?

Your colon, liver, and kidneys are working very hard to take care of toxins and unusable nutrients from your body. These toxins come from the air you breathe and the food you eat. If you are disposing of them every single day, they tend to accumulate in your body and can reek havoc leaving you to feel fatigued and unwell. Eliminating these toxins on a regular basis is vital for your survival and feeling your best! It’s amazing what happens to patients health and vitality once they start “going” every day.

If you are not using the bathroom (i.e. pooping) every day, don’t despair! Here are a few quick tips to keep you “moving”.

  1. Drink more water: Water keeps things lubricated and help move food particles down your digestive tract so they can be absorbed or moved out. Water is the medium that allows your body to function optimally, which includes elimination. There is no hard and clear research on how much water to drink but aim for half your body weight (in pounds) as a daily goal and adjust as needed. Your urine should be light yellow, if not, drink more.
  2. Eat more fiber rich foods, especially from plants: Think of fiber as a toothbrush for your colon. Just as you should brush your teeth everyday, your colon needs daily fiber to sequester what your body doesn’t need and excrete it from the system. Fiber also feed the good bacteria in your colon that help you feel well and support your immune system. Fruits and vegetables are generally high and fiber and a quick, easy choice. Psyllium husk, rice bran fiber and ground flax are also good choices that can be added to smoothies and other dishes for extra fiber support.
  3. Take a high-quality probiotic. Probiotics are becoming more popular due to their number health benefits. Constipation is no different. Garden of Life Raw Probiotic Colon Care and Bio-Kult both have strains of certain probiotics that are well-researched to alleviate constipation. (p.s. I don’t make any money if you click those links)

If these tips don’t work, it’s important that you talk to your health care provider or dietitian about what else you can do.

Want a recipe for a gluten-free flax focaccia, otherwise called “poop-bread”? Check out this recipe! My friend Brianne put this one together and I have to say I am a big fan. And no, it’s not made OF poop… It just helps you go more often.





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