Resolution weight loss … why the scale doesn’t tell the whole story!

Resolution weight loss … why the scale doesn’t tell the whole story!

We’re a few months into 2023 which means the gyms are packed, detox programs everywhere, and the scales are out from their holiday slumber.  Mission: shed the unwanted pounds, right? 

But are all pounds lost created equal?  How do you know you are losing the right weight?  The ultimate goal is to lose unwanted body fat, not muscle mass.  Aiming for weight loss alone may make you look slim only achieve the “look we want,” but more importantly, a more vital and healthy body.

So how do you gauge the results of all your hard work?  The problem is the weight on your average scale can’t tell you the whole story.  The best way to find out is to have a body composition analysis which gives you a measurement of body fat versus muscle percentage.  In a few minutes, a machine called the InBody can tell you what you are made of, helping to clarify your next steps toward achieving your health goals. 

Here is an example of a common pattern identified with the InBody and how it helps us create a more personalized lifestyle and exercise program.  

Elevated body weight, excess fat, low muscle mass 

Dietary focus: 

  • foods that help shift the body towards fat burning (ie: lower glycemic/blood sugar-stabilizing, quality fats to promote satiety)
  • quality protein to help support anabolic processes in the body (ie: building muscle and bone)
  • fasting intervals to mobilize stored energy (ie: fat as fuel) 
  • rainbow of plant foods to help reduce inflammation, support detoxification, gut microbiome diversity, and hormonal pathway optimization to help the body shift metabolic function

Lifestyle focus: 

  • optimizing sleep and recovery to help promote muscle mass building, reduction of inflammation, and improvements on metabolic function 
  • reducing impacts of stress on hormone and metabolic function (ie: stress shifts the hormones to store more fat)
  • aerobic exercise to help burn fat
  • resistance exercises to promote an increase in muscle mass 

Are you frustrated with the results of your exercise and diet resolutions?  Are you stuck in a plateau and want to get your momentum back?  Don’t get frustrated working against your body.  Find your personal leverage points to reap maximum benefits.  Let the InBody help streamline your plan.  Call us at IMUA (808) 521-8170 to schedule your InBody analysis today!

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