3 Ways to Keep from Sabotaging Health During the Holidays

All too often, people think they have to throw in the towel on their healthy habits during the holiday season. It can be harder to stay on track but it’s not mission impossible!
We have a few tips for you to get through the season keeping health on the top of your mind, while still being able to enjoy a delicious holiday.

Tip #1: Remember that your eyes are often bigger than your stomach! 

When people are provided a large variety of foods (as in a buffet or large dinner) we tend to eat more calories overall. ‘Moderation is key’ is probably an overused phrase but it’s appropriate for this time of year. When you spot your favorite cookies next to your favorite haupia, try to “pick your poison” and choose only one. Consider savoring each bite paying attention to all qualities of the food including flavor, aroma, and color. Using a smaller plate, like a cocktail or salad plate, will also keep you from going overboard at holiday parties and events.

Tip #2: Sneak in some extra “exercise”.

There are going to be days where you will consume more calories than usual so it’s nice to know that a little extra movement can help offset this. Exercise doesn’t have to involve hitting the gym either. Consider “sneaking” in some extra movement by taking the stairs, parking further away than usual at the store, or doing 20 squats after each trip to the bathroom. These little changes quickly add up and can keep those extra pounds at bay.

Tip #3: Beware of liquid calories. 

Celebrations are often paired with a range of fun things to eat, but also to drink! Eggnog and all alcoholic drinks contain a lot of extra calories and sugar that don’t necessarily satisfy a hungry belly but often contain just as many calories as a meal! Take inventory of what and how much you are drinking and consider swapping every other cocktail with a glass of ice or sparkling water.  When you do this, you’ll likely stay well hydrated and will likely feel better the next day anyways!


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