Are you bored of the same old smoothies? Or are you just looking for ways to make them more exciting and nutritious?!

Please allow me to welcome you to your future of superior nutrition,  as we say bye bye to conventional smoothies and hello to SUPER smoothies! Moving you forward, one ingredient at a time…

Number one has got to be raw, leafy green vegetables. Why? Mainly because they have the highest level of phytochemicals (protective biological plant compounds) making them the most nutritiously dense food group on the planet. Adding Kale or Spinach to your smoothie will give you a nutrient boost like no other. You can start with a handful, but you’ll soon be adding more!


Kale and Spinach Combo

The second suggested ingredient is a little more on the exotic side –  maca. Maca is a root plant that grows in the Andes. It has been cultivated as a crop in Peru for at least 3000 years and has been traditionally used to enhance energy and boost stamina. Whilst there isn’t yet enough scientific evidence to back this up, I’m in agreement with tradition on this one. When I add powdered maca root to my smoothie the resulting energy buzz is simply INCREDIBLE. Don’t be surprised if you start searching for the nearest mountain to tackle – this is what the stuff seems to be made for! Which makes it a great choice to add to pre-workout smoothies.

And then we have my personal favorite…raw cacao…chocolate smoothies; yum!? Raw cacao is super high in antioxidants, and is a great source of magnesium and iron. I love adding cacao nibs to my smoothie, they don’t blend up all the way and so I get to chew on them and it’s as if my taste-buds are dancing. Perhaps it only seems that way because of the high amount of ‘feel good hormones’ that are released when you consume raw cacao. Who knows? But what we do know is that consuming raw cacao is not only good for our body, but is good for our mood too.


Cacao nibs, aka guilt-free chocolately chip goodness

I hope that you enjoy adding one, two or all three of these ingredients to your smoothies. There are so many other wonderful foods out there; if you’d like to learn how else to take your health to the next level or if you’re interested in receiving free tips and recipes from me send me an e-mail at


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