Green Juice

Why green?

America has no shortage of supporters on Saint Patrick’s Day, and is notorious for bringing out the green garb in a big way! But, have you ever wondered why people wear green on Saint Patrick’s Day?

The Catholic Saint Patrick, after whom the day is named, originally wore the color blue. Apparently, one of the reasons why we now have tens of thousands of people around the world donning something green on the 17th of March is that those following the catholic faith in Ireland have historically been identified with the color green (and Saint Patrick is the Saint recognized for converting Irish masses to Catholicism). Another reason believed for the switch to green is that, in ancient Celtic practice, green was the color worn to celebrate the ‘rebirth of the Earth’ and Green was thus worn during Vernal Equinox. Vernal Equinox is more commonly known as Spring Equinox, since it marks the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. And when exactly is Spring Equinox? It’s today, yay!

March 20 marks the first day of Spring. Spring is a time to celebrate renewal and is thus the perfect time to detox. So, whether or not you were one of the many wearing green on Sunday, you have another excuse to support green – this time do it for your health and vitality, but try not to wear it and enjoy every sip of it!

Green Juice Ingredients

Deliciously Fresh Juice Ingredients


Ingredients for two large servings:

2 cups Dark Green Kale

2 cups Organic Spinach

1 cup of Mint

2 medium Granny Smith Apples

2 medium Cucumbers

4 Celery stalks

3 Medium Thick slices of Pineapple (about 1/2 a small pineapple)

1/2 a lemon

Peeled Ginger to taste

Instructions: Simply place ingredients in your juicer, watch the beautiful green juice that is created and when all is done, serve in a tall glass or blender bottle, with crushed ice. These ingredients make about 4 cups or 32 ounces of Juice.

Delicious Green Juice

The final product – Pure Green Love

Don’t have a juicer? No problem! Chop up all the ingredients, except the lemon and ginger, use two celery stalks instead of four and place in a large salad bowl. Add 1 small or medium sized avocado, cut into cubes, add and toss into greens. Squeeze lemon into a small cup and add grated ginger, stir mixture and then pour over salad. You’ll still get the cleansing benefits of the ingredients, as well as all the fibre! The avocado and lemon juice slightly soften the Kale, making it easier to eat and digest.

Don’t have a juicer, but want one? Stay tuned for a future post on which juicer will best serve your needs.

I hope you enjoy your first day of Spring!


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